Endicott Dental: New Look, Same Family-First, Holistic Approach

Welcome to our new website! The Endicott Dental website may have a new look, but we are still the same family-first dental practice with exceptional service and a holistic approach to oral health. We believe that oral health is vital to overall health, so we take time to get to know each patient, so we can spot problems easier and address them faster. 

We hope you take the time to explore our new website and get to know us as we want to get to know you! 

We’re a Family-First Practice

When we say “family-first practice,” that’s not an exaggeration. Dr. Endicott works here alongside his wife, Kristen, who is an integral part of the business. We treat our team members like family. We also treat our patients like family. That means we listen to each person respectfully. We take the time to celebrate and support each other, creating an environment where each of us can deliver our best work to our patients.

When it comes to our patients, we go beyond just checking your mouth. We take time to get to know you. We celebrate your birthday, your anniversary, or your victories in life. We listen to your concerns and comfort you in times of difficulty. At Endicott Dental, you are far more than just a patient. 

A Holistic Approach to Your Oral Health

Endicott Dental takes a holistic approach to dental care. We understand that oral health is the doorway to overall health. What’s happening in your mouth can give hints as to what’s happening elsewhere in your body. When you visit us, we’ll make sure you understand what your mouth is trying to tell you about your overall health. And when you leave, you’ll have practical steps to help you pursue a healthier life.

By treating inflammation in your mouth, we treat inflammation in the body. We also pay attention to airway issues so we can refer our clients for sleep studies. By noticing abnormalities in the mouth, we can spot potential health problems. 

Be a Part of Our Family!

We’re ready to make you a part of the Endicott Dental family! Take a look around the new website, and you’ll find out more about who we are and what we offer. Then, you can schedule a free consultation to visit our Broken Arrow, OK, office. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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