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Protect Your Game Face 

We know you love a good game, and you want to give it your all! But accidents happen, and sometimes putting on your game face can put your teeth at risk. 


Endicott Dental wants to prevent damage to that game face. That's why we offer custom-designed mouthguards to protect your teeth while you play. If accidents do happen (as they often do!), we're here to fix your teeth, whether they're broken or knocked out. So give it your A-game, because you can count on ours!

What Is Sports Dentistry?

We treat you in case of an injury; we protect you to prevent injury from occurring.

Prevent Dental Related Sports Injuries

Custom mouthguards are your best bet to prevent orofacial injuries during sports. We can create a mouthguard just for you.

Fix Displaced Teeth

Loose tooth? Give us a call and we can get you in for dental treatment. The sooner you treat your loose tooth, the better chances to keep it!

Fix Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Chips or cracks can happen during sports accidents. We have methods to fix chipped or cracked teeth and restore your smile.

Save Knocked Out Teeth

There are ways to save a tooth, even if it's completely knocked out. Give us a call right away, and we'll get you in and treat your injury. 

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Worry Less With Sports Dentistry 

An estimated 5 million teeth are lost every year from sports-related injuries. The role of the sports dentist is prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of oral injuries. We can provide devices to protect you during sports and treat you if an accident happens. 

Mouthguards can reduce your overall injury risk, and we can create a customized mouthguard just for you. Not only will it fit your teeth perfectly, but you can even choose to get it in your school colors! If something happens, give us a call right away. We can get you in, evaluate you and choose the best treatment method to get you back on the field as soon as possible. 

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Common Questions About Sports Dentistry

Endicott Dental is here to answer all of your dental questions!

Custom mouthguards better fit your teeth and prevent jarring from hits that could loosen or knock out your teeth. 

It's a long list, but anything involving physical contact (martial arts, boxing, wrestling, acrobatics) or moving balls (baseball, basketball, football, field hockey, lacrosse) need a mouthguard.

Rinse the tooth and put it back in the socket if possible. If not, keep it in milk or in your cheek — not tap water — and bring it in when you visit us for emergency care. 

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