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TMJ Treatment and Oral Appliances

Do You Have A TMJ Disorder?

Do you grind or clench your teeth together?

Do you have sore muscles around your jaws?

Do you experience frequent headaches?

Are you often stressed?

Do you have clicking, popping in your jaw joints?

Do your teeth touch differently from time to time?

If this describes you, Dr. Endicott can examine your muscles and joints and come up with a plan to treat your symptoms.  This may include using an custom oral appliance and other treatment modalities.


Oral Appliances

Night guards

If you have tooth wear and don’t have any muscle or joint symptoms Dr. Endicott may prescribe you a custom night guard.  These are made in our office and are worn at night to prevent further tooth wear from grinding your teeth.

Therapeutic Splints

This is another type of appliance that can vary in design to treat muscle and joint symptoms.  After a comprehensive muscle and joint exam a custom appliance can be made in our office to help with your discomfort.

Snore guard

If you snore, a custom appliance can be made to move your lower jaw forward and open your airway.  This can diminish or eliminate your snoring.