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Office Manager/ Treatment & Financial Coordinator

Who We Are
At Endicott Dental, our primary goal is excellent patient care and customer service. We believe in educating our patients to help them achieve their oral health goals in a respectful, family-like setting. We offer a complete and full scope of dentistry for children and adults with up-to-date technology, training, and practices.

Our Core Values—We are…
Always Improving
Thankful and Compassionate

This listing is for the job position of Office Manager, but will include duties of a Treatment Coordinator/Financial Coordinator as well. Our office officially begins each day at 7:45 and strives to finish by 5:15, Monday – Thursday. Office Manager will be required to work some Fridays as well. Since patient care is our top priority, hours must be flexible.

This position may be fulfilling for you if
You have a “go above and beyond” attitude.
You have a high energy personality.
You are friendly and positive.
You have exceptional customer service skills.
You have excellent administrative skills.
You are highly motivated and a self-starter.
You’re a fast learner and have a willingness to grow.
You enjoy putting systems in place and have strong organizational skills.
You get along well with others.
You have great attention to detail.
You enjoy being challenged.

Job Responsibilities
Treatment planning and presenting
Answering questions and educating patients
Working on insurance claims
Assisting doctor with accountability/ management of team
Practice promotion
Presenting/assisting doctor with presenting in team meetings
Following systems
Billing and management of collections
Problem solving
Customer Service

Required Skills
Dental experience required/ office management experience desired
Leadership ability
Excellent verbal & written communication
Positive, patient attitude with the ability to be a motivator and encourager
Excellent computer skills/ dental software experience (our office uses EagleSoft)
Sense of urgency (We want someone who is on top of things!)
Strong organizational skills
Quick learner
Compassionate/ kind communicator
Wide range of administrative skills
Do WHATEVER it takes attitude

Application Process
Please do not send us your resume and do not call at this time. If you feel that the job description fits you, please answer the following questions fully and send them to
We look forward to hearing from you!
1. What excites or appeals to you about the position?
2. How does this position fit your or career goals?
3. What are the three biggest strengths you possess that would allow you to thrive in this position?
4. What do you need from us to be successful in this position?